We run a number of workshops for researchers in universities, research institutes and companies around the UK. Our workshops are available throughout the year and are suitable for lab groups, journal clubs or staff/student classes. If you have any questions about the workshops or would like us to tailor a workshop specifically to your requirements, then please email us at

Our workshops are either half a day, a full day or two days in duration. We cover topics such as publishing, peer review, new digital tools for researchers, social media, public speaking and data visualisation. The workshops are popular with both Ph.D. students and research staff and we would be happy to share the feedback we have received from universities and participants. If you would like us to send you a booklet with details of all of our workshops then please email us at


"This was a very informative and clear workshop. I was hoping to learn how to increase my research presence online and this did exactly that." - Ph.D. student, Edinburgh

"The instructor's knowledge and experience of using the various applications made learning easier and enhanced the learning experience." - Member of staff, NHS

"Because of her personal experience, the instructor was able to quickly engage with all participants and expertly moved through the schedule for the day." - PhD student, University of South Wales

"Loved it! Highly relevant, very hands on! There should be more courses like this!" - Ph.D. student, Glasgow

"An open minded workshop of new resources for achieving more research impact." - Ph.D. student, Edinburgh

"It was extremely helpful to know that we are not the only ones in this situation (wanting to move away from academia after getting PhDs/ postdocs). It gave me hope and insights into how to approach my next career step." - Postdoc, University of Barcelona

"The comparison between tools was really good." - Ph.D. student, Strathclyde

"Very effective and useful workshop." - Member of staff, Dundee

"The workshop covered all the main issues related to a topic in a short amount of time. The examples given were helpful and the exercises effective." - Ph.D. student, Edinburgh

"Great! I really appreciated this workshop and welcome similar ones." - Postdoc, university spin out company