Statistics & figures


The Scientific Editing Company offers a friendly and personal statistics consultancy service for quantitative and qualitative projects. Our professional service includes a wide range of data analysis projects, tools and software. All of our statistics experts hold a PhD in a mathematical subject and have extensive experience in complex data analysis. They will work with you throughout the statistics project to ensure that you are aware of the approach and methods that they are using.

some graph containing mathematical notation

No project is too small, too big, too complex or too challenging for The Scientific Editing Company. Request your free quote by sending your problem description (e.g., Introduction and Materials & Methods sections of your draft paper/ dissertation, or a statement of your study objectives) and your data (or a sample of your data) to Since every project differs in size and complexity, we will study the provided information and send you a free quote together with a detailed work proposal.


In addition to manuscript editing, The Scientific Editing Company offers an artwork service. We can generate or improve artwork including graphs, microscope images, interactive graphs, diagrams and figures. We will ensure that the artwork satisfies journal criteria in terms of resolution and labelling.

brain Rplot

We generate figures including box plots, interactive graphs, bar plots, microscope images and diagrams using software such as:

Since the requirements for figures are unique to each manuscript, we tailor our service to each individual case. If you would like to enquire about our artwork editing service or ask for a price quotation then please email