English Editing Process

As scientific research becomes more competitive, it is essential that your work is presented in a clear, readable and grammatically correct format. In order to successfully navigate the peer review process a high standard of English is required and papers that do not achieve this standard are often rejected. Our English editing and proofreading service can ensure that your work is communicated clearly and accurately.

  • All manuscripts are edited by a scientist with a PhD from a British university.
  • We check that the correct English spelling, punctuation and grammar are used.
  • We check that correct sentence structure and logical flow are used.
  • We check that the manuscript satisfies the required standard for the chosen journal.

If you would like to submit your manuscript now click on the 'submit paper' link above or click on 'submit manuscript' in the navigation bar. We promise to keep your work confidential. Our English editing process is detailed below.

  1. Please send us your manuscript along with our client form via email as detailed on the submit manuscript page.
  2. Once we have received your manuscript we will reply to you within 24 hours to confirm the price quotation and turnaround timescale.
  3. Please send us a confirmation email (within 7 days) if you are satisfied and we will continue with the editing process.
  4. We will edit the manuscript using the 'Track changes' function in Microsoft Word so that you can see what we have changed.
  5. We will save two versions of the manuscript; one version with the changes highlighted and a second version with all of the changes accepted so that it can be read without interruption.
  6. We will email you the two versions of your manuscript and an invoice for payment. Please pay the quoted amount within 21 days.

During the English editing process we will ensure that the spelling, punctuation, grammar and sentence structure are correct in your manuscript. We will check that the document flows logically and is of equal standard to that of a native English speaker. In addition, we can ensure that your manuscript fulfills the submission requirements for a particular journal if desired.