Our Editors

Our team of English editors are all trained scientists with a PhD from a first class British university. They have all published several scientific research papers of their own and have worked with scientists from all over the world. All of our editors are scholars with the following qualifications and experience:

  • A PhD degree in a scientific subject from a top British university
  • Several years of postdoctoral experience
  • Published authors each with several high impact scientific publications
  • Several years of experience in English editing, proofreading and writing manuscripts for publication
  • Highly experienced in peer reviewing scientific papers for many top international journals
  • Successfully awarded funding including grants, fellowships and scholarships
  • Successfully supervised many undergraduate and postgraduate students

At The Scientific Editing Company we understand the pressure scientists are under to produce high quality publications and the challenges of scientific publishing. With this in mind, we only employ editors who have published several scientific papers and who have excellent English editing and proofreading skills proven by years of experience. Our aim is to ensure that all manuscripts are edited to the highest standard thereby giving them the best opportunity for publication.

In addition to their extensive scientific and editing skills, our editors have years of international experience. They have set up and maintained collaborative projects with scientific colleagues in several countries including Japan, China, Germany, Spain, Italy and the USA.