The Scientific Editing Company specialises in English editing, data analysis and optimising research impact. We are based in the United Kingdom and our team of editors are all trained scientists with PhDs from first class UK universities. We offer a high-quality English editing service for scientific research manuscripts, book chapters, grant proposals, review papers, technical manuals, presentations, posters, essays, dissertations and postgraduate theses. In addition, we offer a statistics service and workshops for researchers .

As scientific research becomes more competitive, it is essential that your work is presented in a clear, readable and grammatically correct format. In order to successfully navigate the peer review process a high standard of English is required and papers that do not achieve this standard are often rejected. Our English editing and proofreading service can ensure that your work is communicated clearly and accurately.

Our aim is to ensure that a language barrier does not prevent scientists from communicating their work to the world. We believe that scientific work should be assessed on merit and understand the importance of submitting manuscripts of the highest possible standard. We are proud of our commitment to producing clear, high quality work and our flexible approach that ensures our service is tailored to meet your specific requirements.